Garrelts Large Portal
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Garrelts Large Portal

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Garrelts Large Seascape Portal

This is just fabulous.  A statement sculpture that truly brings the sea into your house.

Color:  Aqua, Green, Purple, Amber, Cobalt, to name a few.

Measurements:  18 1/2" high x 7" wide x 4" deep

Materials:  In Scott's words, "A thousand year old technique, known as caneworking, is one of my favorite styles to work in.  It involves creating and then arranging thin rods of colored glass.  Going hand in hand with cane is murrine, which is pulled similar to cane but typically left thicker in diameter and then cut into cross sections."  The results are breathtaking! 

Note, the glass circle in the middle of the portal is clear glass, not the gray shown in the photo. 

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