About ANNIE*S Newburyport

Even before knowing each other, each of us shopped in stores specializing in American Handcrafts.  So it made perfect sense after dating, marriage, babies, and a house, to open our own shop offering American-Made Handcrafts

That was 1992.  Fast froward to 2020 and we still have our shop.  However, the babies, Annie and Leah are adults, dating means a walk down the rail trail or through the park, and the house, big enough to raise a family seems slightly smaller during a pandemic!

But the shop remains an oasis.  We enjoy being surrounded by beautiful art, whether as jewelry or accents for the home.  We have fabulous employees smoothly running the shop when we're away.  We have great relationships with the jewelers and artists whose collections we carry.  We (but mostly Kate) know their children's names, occupations, and sometimes, their grand kid's names!  Some of the artists have become close friends, actually more like extended family.

But the real reason we love the shop?  Our customers and their friendly faces we see again and again.  The couples picking out wedding gifts for a niece or nephew.  The spouse choosing just the right gift for their partner.  The college students coming by around the holidays looking for a gift or two;  the same student we knew long ago when they were starting kindergarten.  We could go on and list our customer's names...but we'll let you get back to browsing our on-line store instead.

Thank you all so much for allowing us to to what we love,

Ted and Kate